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Ron Hagerman

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Rythmn Guitars

Ron plays rhythm guitar and provides a unique addition to the fundamental sounds of the White Lies Band.  His musical talents include numerous other instruments such as harmonica, mandolin, banjo, violin and more.   Playing guitar since the age of 4, Ron joined his first band in 1958.  As a member of the Paris Baker Band, Ron performed as warm-up for BB-King and others throughout the Michigan area.

After playing rhythm guitar for Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels (of Devil with the Blue Dress On fame), Ron joined the military in 1968.  Playing guitar with The Rockers band, Ron played several tours in Germany and Viet Nam with the USO entertainment programs with Bob Hope and the Gold Diggers.  Ron was injured in action in 1970 and started a new band with other disabled vets.  Ronís band, Plum Crazy, played warm-ups for Jethro Tull, AreoSmith, Moody Blues, Grand Funk and more, in arenas like the Seatle King Dome and others.

Ron studied classical music theory and guitar and continued playing with local bands as his work in criminal law took him to Austin, Texas.  He had extensive experience in country and blue grass music before moving to LaPorte, Indiana.  After joining Ernie Givens and the White Lies Band in 1996, Ron played on the tours throughout the southeast and Florida.

Both of his electric and acoustic guitars support and fill out the band and provide the very necessary instrumentation for todayís country music.  Ron is a talented and prolific songwriter and has made a number of additions to the repertoire of Ernie Givens and the White Lies Band.

Nashville Awards: Best Independent Country Band - 1999 & 2000
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