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Meet the Guys

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Ernie Givens and five highly experienced and versatile musicians make up one of today’s top country bands.  As today’s country music has evolved and is now accepted by more people of all ages than ever before as the mainstream form of musical entertainment, it takes a band like Ernie Givens and The White Lies Band to bring these sounds to you.

With the magic voice of one of today's top male vocalists, Ernie Givens explodes onto the stage. Supported by the fire of lead guitar, the full and complex character of close harmony vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitars, the power of bass guitar and drums, this band draws audiences everywhere to today’s most popular country music.

Ernie Givens and The White Lies Band tours the Northern Indiana area and surrounding states.  Be sure to follow the band, join the fan club and become a regular wherever they appear.

Nashville Awards: Best Independent Country Band - 1999 & 2000
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