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Mr. Ernie Givens

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Ernie Givens

  With his larger-than-life stage presence, Ernie delivers the voice and style of today’s newest country music.  As a country music recording star of the 90’s, Ernie has an extensive background of entertaining crowds of all ages and types across the United States.  After his Top-40 hit single, “Only On The Radio,” and his award-winning video, “The Waterbed Song” both made a national impact, Ernie recorded his first album “Jukebox Jumpin” in Nashville. Ernie and his band have since toured country music shows from Chicago to Miami.

 Now based in the Northern Indiana Area with the White Lies Band, Ernie can be found entertaining country music fans, old and new, at state/county fairs, festivals, clubs, hotels, and more.  Ernie’s performance has the power of Garth Brooks with the sophisticated style of George Strait.  Backed by the powerful and unified vocals of the White Lies Band, Ernie Givens provides the top sound of any of today’s stars.

Nashville Awards: Best Independent Country Band - 1999 & 2000
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