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Karl Edmonson

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 The baby of the group, Karl began piano lessons at the age of 6 in the Washington, DC area.  Early band experiments in high school led him to playing rhythm guitar, banjo, steel lap, accordion and French horn.  His talents brought him to Bloomington, IN as a Classical Piano major at Indiana University.  There he received extensive training in music history, musical and aural theory, pedagogy, and accompanying, as well as studying privately with accomplished classical pianist Shigeo Neriki.   At IU, Karl also discovered a wide variety of music groups and styles, and was soon playing such diverse genres as Latin, jazz, bluegrass, ragtime, klezmer, funk, and Nintendo theme music.  Karl moved to the Northern Indiana area in 2000, where he has performed with several pop, classic rock, and blues bands.  He joined the White Lies Band in the summer of 2005, where he plays keyboard and accordion, and provides backup vocals. Karl’s diverse background provides a unique perspective into country music, contributing to the development of our material and assisting all of us in perfecting the harmonies and styles which make our show the highest quality..

Nashville Awards: Best Independent Country Band - 1999 & 2000
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